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Pig Progress is proud to announce is latest webinar on Friday October 30, at 10am Central European Time, organised by Nedap.

During this webinar we will give practical and easily applicable options to watch over individual animals to drive farm automation and unlock essential information. Enabling farmers to grow their business while increasing animal health and well-being, sustainability, transparency and the safety and quality of food.



Martin Enderink

Martin Enderink, Global Sales Director at Nedap

Title presentation: Shaping the future together with the entire pig production sector.

We help livestock farmers to be the best performing farmers in the world. How? With automated solutions for individual pig farming management in the entire production cycle.

Pig production will require more detailed and more accurate insights on the individual performance of sows and finishing pigs. Making this kind of desired information available in an easily accessible way for the farmer and for his farm-consultant (feed company, veterinary services, meat processor, software management-program, genetics supplier) will be the successful and efficient step to lift pig production to the next performance level. To the benefit of all who create close collaboration in the production chain, and with an increase in transparency to meet the expectations of the consumer.

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Hans Hoevink

Hans Hoevink, Business development manager Asia at Nedap

Title presentation: Automated weighing to realize optimal body condition of the gestation sow.

Maximize ROI with an automated collection of sow data for easy to enable, real-time management of individual sow body condition in group gestation housing.

Save feed by not over- or under-feeding sows and support optimal sow performance and piglet birth weights by providing the exact amount of feed for each sow based on her body weight.

Benefit from optimal sow body condition that supports productivity and longevity for sustainable sow herd management.

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Jose Simeone

José Simeone, Sales & Account Manager Latin America at Nedap

Title presentation: Unlock the full potential of today’s lactating sow

Automated feeding gives total control of lactating sow diets. The easy-to-use system automatically delivers pre-set, small portions of feed throughout the day to stimulate appetite and maximize feed intake. Sows get nutrients needed to maximize milk production and recover from farrowing.

It also offers the added benefit of demand-driven feeding including ad libitum. The wireless add-on automatically delivers small portions of feed between scheduled feedings – up to your preset limit – when trough activity is detected. Both you and your sow gain control over feed intake.

The benefits? Better sow performance and better ROI with less labor. Heavier piglet average weaning weight, higher farrowing rates and more pigs born alive in subsequent parities.

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vincent ter beek



Vincent ter Beek, Host and Chief Editor Pig Progress


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